Speak Your Mind Before Someone Does For You

I’ve had the rug pulled from underneath me by hands that were not my own. I will not allow that to happen again on purpose. Focus. This is YOUR destiny. And no one has permission to interfere. Sometimes people get so sullen when it seems the universe is out to get them that we fail to realize at times we allow ourselves to get into situations that cause questionable doubt. If you have to overthink something that creates a bad gut wrenching feeling, chances are it’s not that you ate a bad taco if not your intuition is telling you to head for the hills and run like hell. Granted I’m not saying your the cause of all of your problems, but you have to be presently aware of your surroundings and what the actions you approve and disapprove of create. Direct your attention on fixing your problems rather than marinating them in your mind. A lot of times what I would do is hold in feelings or not express quite clearly my perspective on a matter because I didn’t want to seem cocky or defensive. In all reality (with the fault in those matters being mostly my own for not speaking up) a lot of things could have been avoided had I grown a pair and just say what was necessary and cleared up any confusion. Forget being the bad guy, the real problem is myself if I can’t say things as they need be said and excuse it with a casual, “well the fates have decided I guess.” Lies. Sometimes growing a pair and speaking up makes for a better, more happier life, because bottling up your problems make you more mentally inclined than the situation at hand. Clear your mind, opinions, and data and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be out of the submissiveness of your comfort zones long enough to enjoy the peace and quiet that comes with not being bothered that you didn’t say what you meant or that nothing seemed to change. It’s up to you. YOU are in control of your life! And there’s not a damn thing the universe can do about it.

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